Bath and Beauty Products for the Perfect At-Home Spa Day!

Who doesn’t love to pamper themselves? Going to the spa or having a staycation, there’s something so wonderful about taking the time to take care of yourself. And no, we’re not referring to the quick 10 minutes you have in the morning to lather, rinse, moisturize, and run out the door. Sweetest Sin has a great selection of bath and body products, pretty much everything you need to create that at home spa day you deserve so much! So hey, call in sick, and take the day to recharge, refresh, and even enjoy a little romance with some of these revitalizing products.
We all love hand crafted lingerie, so why not get the same with your bath products? The company Barr and Co is known for their wholesome production from natural products and made right here in the USA. It’s always nice to know that the candles you’re burning, bubbles you’re bathing in, and creams you’re moisturizing with are made from the best ingredients with no added chemicals. From this brand we carry the candle, body cream, and bubble bath. Pretty much a perfect gift set if you know someone who would benefit from a nice little spa day, but also a lovely and deserving treat for yourself!

Most of us love the brand Naked Princess for their sensual and timeless loungewear and lingerie. But they also have a great line of beauty products that can have you feeling even better in that beautiful lingerie! If you’re looking to show off touchable skin to your partner, the Love Dust hydrating body powder is the perfect little miracle product. In just one little puff of dust you are covering your skin with real 24 karat gold flakes, Argan Oil, and cucumber extract. So not only are you giving your skin some much needed hydration after a long dry summer, but you’re going to look and feel like royalty with the gold flake infusion!

For perfectly pouty lips, reach for their Lip Scrub. This is made from natural sugars for a scrubbing and buffing effect, and then topped with shea butter and vitamin E which will leave your lips looking and feeling extra soft, pillowy, and irresistible!

We all know that scent can play a huge part in our attraction to someone, and also our stress levels. Naked Princess’s Body and Boudoir Spray will have you covered in all areas. This spray has all the makings for stress relief and setting the mood with Japanese green tea and chamomile extract. Use this on your body as a perfume, or in your bedroom or bathroom to set the mood for a relaxing and sexy night in.

The brand Booty Parlor has some of the hottest bedroom accessories that will enhance your boudoir experience. For instance, the Hot Wax Candle is perfect for a sexy night in with your partner. As the candle heats to just above body temperature, the wax melts filling the room with a relaxing scent. After the candle is blown out, you can use that melted wax on bare skin for a sexy massage session, or you can use it on your own as an oil-based moisturizer after a nice long soak in the tub. However you choose to use it, the natural soy wax is infused with vitamins, shea butter, and coconut oil to leave your skin looking and feeling healthier than ever.

The Caviar Scrub sounds pretty fancy, and we have to admit – it is! This product has caviar infused beats which do wonders for moisturizing and nurturing your skin upon application. And the Jojoba oil and shea butter will keep it feeling smoother long after you apply. Not to mention this has a mouth watering scent that will have everyone around you wanting a little more.

Even though summer is nearing its end, a good tan and tight, youthful skin never go out of style! Which is why this Firming Bronzer is perfect to keep your summer glow going just a little longer. The slightly shimmering bronzing lotion can be made more or less intense depending on how many layers you put on, and it’s firming action will have you dying to get out and show off your flawless skin. But even if you’re using it for your spa day at home, you can enjoy the jasmine scent for the ultimate relaxation experience.
So what are you waiting for? Stock up and call for a spa day with your girlfriends, a sexy night with your husband, or even turning off your phone and just relaxing for the day on your own!
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