Designer Spotlight: Empreinte



With it’s namesake derived from the French lyrics “Je ne peux effacer l’empreinte du passé,” which translates to “you can never erase the imprint of the past,” it’s clear from just the name alone, that Empreinte lingerie will leave a lasting impression.


Founded by Jean Le Her in 1946 just after WWII, Empreinte’s factory initially specialized in making girdles and underskirts for the ladies of Brest, France. In 1948 with the rise of high, pointed busts worn by American fashion models, Mr. Le Her’s two closest collaborators met the latest trends with a new bra style created in cup sizes A, B and C. Always on the cusp of the latest style trends and innovation Empreinte released cup size D in 1960 and size E in 1962. But with the liberation of women’s style in the late 1960s and introduction of Lycra to lingerie in 1968, Empreinte shifted focus from the girdles and underskirts that pioneered their early success to more lightweight and natural looking underwear. The new and improved styles were met with great response from women all over the world as the brand continued to evolve and thrive. In the seventy plus years since its inception Empreinte has grown into the international brand we know and love today, leading the industry in seamless corsetry on rigid lace and embroidery, providing women with an exceptional fit, cutting edge innovation and absolute luxury.

When we had the great pleasure of visiting the Empreinte factory in Brest, France this past January we were simply in awe watching all of these pillars of excellence come together in front of our eyes to create some of our most favorite bras.

When you step foot in the door at Empreinte you can immediately feel that something special is happening. The company that has 130 employees who cut and assemble every single bra in house with fabrics sourced exclusively from Europe prides itself on the upholding the highest standard of excellence. Each of the thirty seamstresses at Empreinte have been trained for no less than one year in each of the operations that takes place at the factory, it will take about three years to train an Empreinte artisan to all the skills she needs. There are approximately thirty different operations, from heated molding, sewing techniques and the precise cutting of each cup to make Empreinte’s signature one piece molded cup. Each bra is inspired by “made to measure” styling, takes almost two years to create from start to sales floor and truly feels like a custom made bra – all due to the patented technology that Empreinte has developed. Empreinte utilizes unparalleled materials in the construction of their bras. Each bra cup is made with a non-stretch lace or tulle, creating a perfect shape for each woman’s breasts. And any issue with discomfort or digging in the bra’s strap has been eliminated with 40% less elasticity than other brands and a strap that widens in design as the cup size goes up. When you’re wearing an Empreinte bra you are literally wearing a piece of perfection, crafted by the experts who emphatically claim to “dress the best breasts in Brest!”

What helps to increase the allure of Empreinte is the air of mystery surrounding the brand.   With Empreinte’s distribution being limited to only three thousand retailers across the world, the brand can only be found at select retailers in the United States and can rarely be found online – so when you’ve found these amazing bras you know it’s something extraordinary! We’re going to let you in on our best secrets and show you some of our favorite styles here. Plus we’ve got all of these beauties in stock at the boutique just waiting for you to come in and try them out! A bra from Empreinte is an investment that you will cherish forever!

empreinte melodyAn Empreinte best seller known for it’s classic shape, t-shirt bra effect and completely seamless cups constructed with Chantilly lace.

 Available in sizes 30D-46G.


empreinte cass

The latest addition to the seamless collection boasts Empreinte’s latest innovation in bra cup design featuring molded, rigid embroidered tulle.  This fabulous bra has incredibly light, soft and refined fabric combined with outstanding support. 

Available in sizes 30D-46G

Haven’t experienced the amazing fit and design of Empreinte?  Stop into the boutique any day this week to check out these beautiful bras, get fit by one of our professional bra fitters and leave feeling refreshed, supported and confident!

Already an Empreinte fanatic?  We’ll just leave you with a little sneak peek of what’s in store for our guests come Spring time!

unnamed-5 unnamed-3

xo ssb

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Designer Spotlight: Wacoal

At Sweetest Sin Boutique we are committed to providing our guests with the absolute best of the best – no exceptions.    We take great pride in our customer service and are devoted to giving back everything we can to our community – in and out of the boutique!  It has always been a top priority for us to select brands that have the same mission.  So, it was really a no-brainer to bring Wacoal into the boutique seven years ago when we opened our doors!

Wacoal is best known for designing exceptional lingerie that combines fit and function with stunningly beautiful designs that provide fantastic and long lasting comfort and support.  Wacoal’s mission is not only to help women look and feel beautiful, but also play an integral role in the fight against breast cancer.  Their initiative Fit for the Cure raises funds for breast cancer awareness, treatment and research and since it’s launch has raised over $4 million dollars for Susan G. Komen.wacoal_banner_930-x-360-e1424443167928

It doesn’t get much better than that!  Clearly, we love this designer!  So much so thatwe put together a list of our favorite Wacoal bras to spread the love!   Check them out:



The #1 selling bra in the industry!

This two-ply jacquard fabric offers modesty in an unlined bra.  It features superior shaping and lift for a fuller bust.

*PLUS* Every time this bra is purchased Wacoal donates $2 dollars to the Susan G Komen foundation for breast cancer research.

You can feel good in your bra and feel good about your bra!

unnamedRed Carpet Strapless

One of our favorite strapless bras!

Support, comfort and lift in a strapless up to an H cup. This bra is an engineering fete. The side stays on the wing and medical grade silicone at the top of the cup keep it in place without feeling like it’s going to go south. It has a sweetheart neckline and yet still provides containment.

This is your wardrobe solution.


Retro Chic Spacer

Opacity without dimension. This light as air cup is a full-busted ladies’ dream!  Amazing t-shirt bra that brings the breast front and forward to give a longer, leaner look. The comfort back will help alleviate the pressure straps may have put on your shoulders.

laceLa Femme

This bra has a more structured cup to give some swell without the bulk of a push up pad. It is a perfect tailored t-shirt bra that can be worn from day to night.

straplesswacoalHalo Lace Strapless

Off the shoulder tops are everywhere and halo strapless is your bra.

The unlined seamless stretch lace can offer support and comfort for your every day wardrobe needs. Medical grade silicone at the top of the cup ensures it will stay in place for a smooth look!

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